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Senin, 24 Mei 2010


Permata kindergarten make a trip to Owabong water park. The recreation located in Bojongsari village of Purbalingga regency, Central Java, offers a variety of aquatic games and entertainment, including a swimming pool, a water slide and a miniature river. We can also go boating or simply sit idly while splashing water with our kids. On holidays and weekends, as well as over extended holidays such as school holidays and Idul Fitri this place was packed. My family participated in this trip. During the trip we were joking and laughing, the children seem happy in their faces.

We visit Owabong because it is a suitable tourist destination for the family. The facilities here are not located far from one another so it isn’t be tiring for visitors… Besides, children like it here because it has all kinds of water games,”
because Owabong offered complete and excellent facilities

In Owabong, also available waterboom the spiral type and torpedo. To spiral, reaching 13 meters high and is the highest waterboom in Central Java. One facility to watch out for is a giant pail that dumps water on passersby every three minutes — especially if they walk under it……. Owabong also offers fishing — with bare hands — as well as water see-saws, water-slide races, banana boats, water-cycles, a game pool and a sheltered rest area where visitors can sit or lie down to relax… Also try fish spa therapy that's been known to be efficacious and relaxing.

Other attractions …include a 4D theater, and an area for rafting. Do not be surprised, you can forget the time because have much fun as playing in this pool. In this place, Who does not salivate when they heard the word Es cendol? Especially when under the hot sun eating ice dawet could become a refreshing thirst release. Cendol’s ice has become the drink of the Indonesian people because everywhere to be found easily though an ice cendol different name. And “GETHUK” The typical fried snacks made from cassava, was absolutely delicious when we ate them. So in Purbalingga, we will find it!!! This place, wow!! ... very beautiful and amazing. Here in Central Java, shopping can also be another form of challenging adventure. Some of the famous traditional markets. Goods and Art Shop is also a lot there...

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