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Kamis, 15 April 2010


I'll write a bit of my trip when I went to semarang now when I don’t understand or people really anger me I laugh about it and not show my rage. thank you for being so cool last week on fb when I kinda broke down (bored). But things are much better. So you’ll have to just know what I would have said and say it to them for me. I miss you guys lots. And I miss being bored…. haha. Should be exciting. I’ll have to take photos and and put it into a photo album … you should see my latest photo uploads.

On my niece'ss wedding people all around me, families mostly, were talking in the wedding… I could only imagine what they were saying - and saying about what, as so many of them would just stare at me.

I decided to stay inside. I also have had a lingering headache and have just been in a lazy mood. The hot weather (this city) really does take its toll on me….haha. After attending my niece's wedding we (me, mom, bro in law and both younger sister) went on a trip to Tay Kak Sie semarang.

The Chinese temple, known as Tay Kak Sie, is located around Gang Lombok, somewhere in the city of Semarang. I do not know the history of this temple, and initially was intended to worship the holy god of Kwan Sie Im Po Sat. Later it's also used to worship other Tao god and goddess.Tay Kak Sie Temple, is definitely one of a must see places in Semarang. To get there, you can take taxi to Pasar Semawis, and after that just take becak if you don't know where to find the place.

For me, I received such a shock that I became so extreme as to throw every kind of Christian learning away, and loved Christ, more than even my wife or family. It may not be totally correct to throw away everything, but I was so confused by the world of Christianity that when I did so, I lost a lot of God’s grace to me. Don’t ask me why. Ok, so attending a buddhist temple may not seem the largest of goalss but it’s personally meaningful to me… so there.I love buddhist temples!


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