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Rabu, 22 September 2010

Shared My Happiness in Moon Cake Festival

hi Bloggers, I will try again to write using the English language..

What I am doing on the Day of moon cake festival is a normal thing. i shared my happiness  with my prayer in god. Oh yes today is a moon cake festival. send my apologize to my mom in my phone and also say thanks to her because invite me for family gathering but I never come, actually i felt want to join too ... 

i will think about it and find my way to go mom house if can…oh. Anyhow i would like to thanks all the wishes that everyone wish me in facebook, blog, and youtube. Everyone saying happy mooncake festival is BIG SURPRISE for me…..
My family and me (two kids and wife) just ate a mooncake last night. I don't like mooncake much…and we didn't bake mooncake.’coz we  don't know how to bake a moon cake. It just bought at Chinese traditional food stores. If not for this blog, I am quite sure I will never be motivated to ate the mooncake, just in my mind !! what if my body is getting calories when eating this cake... you will see me like a truck overloaded…haha. Till then just wait i fully recover i will get back in action! oh ya miss out few event for this month september.. but im sure there is more coming up on next month too! I mean my jobs….
I hope in my prayers after post up this blog my english language more  fluently  and get a lot of friends in this world …

So next years going to have same activity again? i hope so, Here, I would like to wish all of you, Happy moon cake festival remember smile can always bring you power. cheeerss

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